Our AccentRes software & services combine the efficiency of fast and easy web reservations with the value-added services that travel agencies provide and corporations need. Take a look at our review below... or better yet, call today for a full demonstration.

What can AccentRes do
for my overall travel program?

  • A potential 15-25% reduction in travel purchase and processing costs.
  • Relationships with preferred suppliers are enhanced.
  • Increased traveler satisfaction.
  • Increased compliance to travel policies and procedures.
  • Reduced Agency Fees.
  • Easy and fast to implement.
  • Access to American Express negotiated rates.
  • Fast 24/7 emergency help in any situation.
  • Know where your employees are in an emergency.
Take off with just 6 easy steps

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(For this overview, screen shot images have been used. Actual live images and text are high resolution.)

Step 1 ~ Build Your Trip

New trips are built with any combination of air, car, and hotel.
Search for flights by price or schedule.
Current trips are viewed at a glance for simple modification.
Repeat trips are saved and easily duplicated.


Step 2 ~ Schedule By Fares

Enhanced pricing provides more flexibility.
View lowest fares available for a specific itinerary.
Choose among all available flights for given fares.

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Our AccentRes users enjoy:
access to 700+ airlines
access to 58,000+ hotels
access to 100+ car rental companies
access 24 hours, 7 days a week via any Internet connected computer.

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